New Bundle: Beneath the Waves

Water has always intrigued humanity. We walk along the shores and banks of oceans and waterways, take boats across the surface, or swim in the waters.

But water hides secrets – including those of the creatures that live in its depths…

What if mermaids really do exist, and they lure men to their deaths?

Why might bodies suddenly start washing up on shores all around the world?

What if you discovered a lost girl is the daughter of a water spirit?

This collection contains stories about water creatures – sirens, kelpies, Hawaiian man-sharks, selkies, kraken, shapeshifters, and more – by twenty different authors.

Where can you find the bundle?

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Stories in the bundle

This collection was curated by Jamie Ferguson, and contains stories by Alexandra Brandt, Deb Logan, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, DeAnna Knippling, Louisa Swann, Jamie Ferguson, Marcelle Dubé, Karen L. Abrahamson, Rebecca M. Senese,Steve Vernon, Bonnie Elizabeth, Lisa Silverthorne, Chuck Heintzelman, Stefon Mears, Ron Collins, Robert Jeschonek, Travis Heermann, Leigh Saunders, Eric Kent Edstrom, and P. D. Cacek.


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