Coming soon: Doorway into Faerie, the third volume in the anthology series A Procession of Faeries.

Do you want to put together an anthology, boxed set, or ebook bundle, but aren’t sure where to start, nor how to effectively handle promotion? Or are you an author interested in collaborating with other authors on a project, but don’t know what this will entail?

Whether you’re creating a collection or an author participating in one, Bundle Up! can help you! The more aware you are of what’s involved, the more efficient and productive you—and the project—will be.

Today’s software tools make it faster and easier to create collections of stories and books than ever before. They also provide new and innovative ways to create—and promote—these projects.

If you’re an author and are considering participating in a multi-author collection, this book will provide you information about what to expect, how to contribute to promotion, and how to make the most out of your participation in the project.

If you’re a curator organizing a multi-author collection, this book will walk you through the many decisions you’ll need to make and will help you make your project more efficient and successful.

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Bundle Up! is currently only available through the NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle, a collection of twelve books on writing put together by Kevin J. Anderson for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). This bundle will be for sale through the end of November 2018. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to benefit the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, a non-profit group created by the families of the crew of the Challenger shuttle.


“Inside a Fairy Tale” appears in Uncollected Anthology Issue 16: Fairy Tales, which contains six contemporary and urban fantasy stories. Investigate twelve missing sisters, deal with an inheritance, choose your destiny, review a strange invitation, celebrate Midsummer, and make the sale of a lifetime.

In “Inside a Fairy Tale,” Valentina is spending the last few hours of Midsummer by herself, unable to make the trip back home to celebrate the holiday with her coven. She’s questioned whether or not she’ll ever end up in a successful relationship ever since her third divorce, and is starting to wonder if she’ll spend the rest of her life alone.

She overhears a conversation between another couple, and finds herself filled with a strange sense of foreboding. Is she following in her aunt’s footsteps and developing the ability to see the future? Is she concerned about the well-being of the other woman?

Valentina follows the couple, and finds herself inside a modern-day fairy tale.

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Dangerous spirits lurk in the woods
A bargain can bind a soul
Enchanted sleep can only be broken by true love’s kiss…

You know these things are true…even in this modern world. Your heart still recognizes the power and mystery you can only find in a fairy tale.

In Beauty and Wickedness, the first volume in the anthology series Ever After Fairy Tales, sixteen authors retell and reimagine some of the most enchanting fairy tales ever told. Within these pages, you’ll find beauty and treachery, magic and courage, innocence and wickedness…and at least some happy endings.

Come and lose yourself in the delights and dangers of Beauty and Wickedness.

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