Welcome to 2018!

Things may have appeared to be quiet at Blackbird Publishing for the past few weeks, but there’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes! With the holiday and end-of-year chaos, this seemed like a good time to focus on getting ahead on publishing for 2018, as well as to revamp the blog posting topics and schedule.

There are a total of eleven – yes, eleven! – anthologies on the list for 2018. This includes three new issues in the series A Procession of Faeries, issues in the brand new series Ever After Fairy Tales, a new justice-themed collection along the lines of Stars in the Darkness, a witch-themed collection, and a new series that’s a collaboration with Wonderland Press. There will also be a few standalone titles, a non-fiction book, and at least one audio book.

The Just the Facts series of how-to posts for authors and indie publishers will continue, and the somewhat sporadic interviews will become a regular series. Look for an interview with Dave Hendrickson about how to get your books into schools, one with Chuck Anderson and Jim LeMay of Mad Cow Press about the tribute anthology they put together to honor the wonderful author Edward Bryant, an interview with the editors of the online magazine Electric Spec about how they select stories, and interviews with authors participating in the Stars in the Darkness about why they chose the stories to write for that collection.

There are a few other things in the works as well, so stay tuned – and Happy New Year!!!


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