Story spotlight: “The Fake Path to True Memory” by Brigid Collins

“Those memories might be important some day,” Charlie’s husband whispered. “You might want them after I’m gone.”

Charlie did remember two things about his husband: the man had known Charlie wasn’t human, and he’d made Charlie promise to always remember his Faerie Realm origin. Now old age has left Charlie with nothing to occupy his time but those two facts and his quest to reclaim his most treasured memory: the name of the man he spent a mortal lifetime with.
“The Fake Path to True Memory” is in The Faerie Summer bundle. You can learn more on BundleRabbit, Goodreads, and the bundle’s Facebook page.

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Brigid Collins is a fantasy and science fiction writer living in Michigan. Her short stories have appeared in Fiction River, The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, and The MCB Quarterly. Her fantasy series, Songbird River Chronicles, are available in print and electronic versions on Amazon and Kobo.

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