Spotlight: “Faery Novice” by Leslie Claire Walker

Faery Novice, the first book in Leslie Claire Walker’s Young Adult series Faery Chronicles, takes us to a fast-paced world of magic, intrigue, and romance where faeries, angels, and demons are all very, very real. Kevin suddenly begins to hear other people’s thoughts, and there are two men hunting him—but why?

Both Faery Novice and the second book in this series, Faery Prophet, are available for a limited time in The Realm of Faerie bundle.

Enter the Realm of Faerie, a world of beauty, danger, and enchantment. But remember the legends if you want to make it back home again…


Oscar met and held my gaze. “Hearing things lately?”

Fuck me.

It had been an honest question, and meant to keep me in my seat. It worked.

“You are, aren’t you?” Oscar asked.

“Not today.”

Oscar leaned forward. “When did it start?”

I crooked my thumb at Rude. “His house.”

“At the party.”

Again with the question that wasn’t. “How do you know all this stuff?”

“I saw it.”

“As in, you were there?”

“As in, that’s what he does,” Rude said.

I took a good, hard look at Oscar’s eyes. Didn’t catch anything special about them.

“I’m a seer,” Oscar said. “But it doesn’t always have a lot to do with my eyeballs. It’s just a term.”

“And that means what to someone like me?”

“You’re straightforward,” Oscar said. “I like that about you. Others might not so much. Check yourself before you get impatient with them.”

How else was I supposed to be? I folded my arms across my chest. “What’s a seer?”

“A person who’s in contact with the other realms—places where humans dare not go, where other kinds of beings live.”

I stared at him, in case he’d actually just said a bunch of stuff about humans and other beings, whatever they were.

“I’m talking about the Fae,” Oscar said. “Faeries.”

For real? “Tinkerbell?”

“Far from it. They’re bigger, for one thing. A lot bigger. For another, they’re not cute. They’re seductive and treacherous and they don’t operate by the same rules humans do.”

He had to be joking. What was I supposed to do—play along? I opened my mouth to snark, then snapped it shut before the first word rolled off my tongue. Man didn’t look like he was kidding. He looked serious as hell. He’d known things about me and where I’d been without Rude or me telling him.

— from Faery Novice by Leslie Claire Walker

About Leslie

Since the age of seven, Leslie Claire Walker has wanted to be Princess Leia—wise and brave and never afraid of a fight, no matter the odds.

Leslie hails from the concrete and steel canyons and lush bayous of southeast Texas—a long way from Alderaan. Now, she lives in the rain-drenched Pacific Northwest with a cast of spectacular characters, including cats, harps, fantastic pieces of art that may or may not be doorways to other realms, and too many fantasy novels to count.

She is the author of the Awakened Magic Saga, a collected series of urban fantasy novels, novellas, and stories filled with magical assassins, fallen angels, faeries, demons, and complex, heroic humans. The primary series in the saga are the Soul Forge, set in Portland, Oregon, and the Faery Chronicles, set in Houston Texas. She has also authored stories for The Uncollected Anthology on a mission to redefine the boundaries of contemporary and urban fantasy.

Leslie takes her inspiration from the dark beauty of the city, the power of myth, strong coffee, whisky, and music ranging from Celtic harp to jazz to heavy metal. Rock on!

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