The NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle!

It’s that time of year: November is “NaNoWriMo” or National Novel Writing Month, when ambitious authors take the challenge to write the first draft of a novel from start to finish in a month. While gearing up for the challenge, writers are looking for advice, techniques, and resources.

Kevin J. Anderson has put together the NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle, an impressive collection of a dozen books on writing that will be inspirational, helpful, maybe even provocative. You can get all of the books for as little as $15. This bundle is only available through the end of November 2018, so grab it now—and write your novel!

A portion of the proceeds goes directly to benefit the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, a non-profit group created by the families of the crew of the Challenger shuttle.
Challenger Center and its global network of Challenger Learning Centers use space-themed simulated learning and role-playing strategies to help students bring their classroom studies to life and cultivate skills needed for future success, such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.


Become a Successful Indie Author is a motivational guide based on Craig Martelle’s two-and-a-half-million published words. This book will help you see past the hurdles that are keeping you from climbing the mountain of success.

Once you’ve become successful, you never have to work again—or so many people believe. But becoming a success is just the start. Staying a success is the hard part. Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s book The Secrets of Success will help you both become a success and remain one.

Struggling to start your story or lost in the middle? You need a Story Pitch, which is a powerful tool meant to be used when pre-writing and writing. It can help you jumpstart your novel, screenplay, comic, or whatever type of story you are trying to tell and it can be used as a corrective measure if you get off track during the writing process. If you like honesty, no bull, a bunch of humor, and tons of examples in your writing guides, then you’ll love Scott King’s Story Pitch.

Are you an author who is struggling with finding volunteers and professionals to help polish your book? Do you wish there was a guide that offered plenty of suggestions for finding these people? Andrea Pearson’s How to Polish Your Manuscript into a Rock-Solid Book gives you advice and guidance on building your brand, publishing, and marketing your own books.

Writing is not a physically healthy job, but if you want a long-term writing career, then you need to look after your body. In The Healthy Writer, Joanna Penn shares her personal journey and insights with you; her co-author, Dr. Euan Lawson, shares his insights into how you can reduce pain, improve health and build a writing career for the long term.

Whether you’re creating a story or book collection, or are an author participating in one, Jamie Ferguson’s Bundle Up! can help you! The more aware you are of what’s involved, the more efficient and productive you—and your project—will be.

Dean Wesley Smith’s How to Write a Novel in Ten Days is a series of blog posts he wrote while chronicling his process toward ghost writing a 70,000-word novel for a traditional publisher in just ten days. This book takes readers on a journey that demonstrates that writing fast, and writing well, comes from motivation and practice.

You Must Write, by Kevin McLaughlin, explains what Robert Heinlein’s Rules are, and how they can help you bring your craft and career to the next level. This book provides a series of practical lessons, each with exercises designed to help writers build the Rules into their own work-flow. Heinlein’s Rules focus on unleashing the most creative elements of our minds, combating our deepest and most crippling fears, and driving past the greatest obstacles most writers face to reach success.

In Writing as a Team Sport, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta describe various collaboration methods with frank recollections of their own experiences. You’ll learn collaborative techniques that will suit any sort of writer, as well as the pitfalls you may encounter.

You too can create stories at the speed of the great pulp writers. Not only that, but your craft will actually get better the faster you go. It just takes time and practice. In Pulp Speed for Professional Writers, you’ll learn the things Blaze Ward discovered as he went from writing at mundane rates to Pulp Speed.

Series are fun to read, lots of authors write them, they’re great for large worlds and big stories, some publishers love them, and if you do it right, you can create a loyal fan base. Yet they are hard to stay consistent in. Why is that? And how do we do the idea of an epic story justice? The How-To Structure Workbook for Trilogies, Series, and Parallel Worlds by C. Michelle Jefferies helps you learn that series writing is not as hard as it can appear.

Simon Haynes has been writing and publishing novels and short fiction for almost twenty years. How to Write a Novel contains everything he’s learned about writing a novel, both as an indie and as a trade-published author.


Get all twelve writing guides in the NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle!

Available through the end of November 2018.



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