Story spotlight: “The Storyteller” by P. D. Cacek

Telling stories is Walter Book’s responsibility and his joy, just like it’d been his daddy’s, and his granddaddy’s and his great-great grandaddy’s before him. Because what good’s a Book without a story?

Every night he tells the children their bedtime story, and this evening he tells one called “The Princess,” the tale of a little girl named Veronica who’s waiting for her daddy to return.

Veronica is well past the mid-point of her twelfth year, and is of course no longer a child in spite of what her father thinks. So when she’s at the hotel, waiting for her father to return from his business trip on the last train of the day, she’s grown-up enough to know to ignore the voices when she hears ghosts. Her father taught her if you don’t acknowledge a ghost, it will feel so ill used that it will depart of its own free will.

But the ghosts at the hotel are restless…

“The Storyteller” is in the Haunted bundle. You can learn more on BundleRabbit, Goodreads, and the bundle’s Facebook page.

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P.D. Cacek originally aspired to be an actress, but her dreams were dashed when, while playing Dinosaur Number 1 in her high school’s production of By the Skin of Our Teeth, she inadvertently crawled off the stage and landed in the orchestra pit. Dinosaur Number 1 died that night, but the experience put her on the significantly less perilous path of writing horror.

P.D. is the author of over 200 short stories, and has won both a World Fantasy Award and a Bram Stoker Award for her short fiction. She’s written five novels: Night Prayers, Canyons, Night Players, The Wind Caller, and The Selkie.

“Horror is an emotion, something that reaches past all the barriers and finds the one dark corner of our self-image that has not grown up. Horror doesn’t have to include dismemberments or gushing wounds or ancient demons dredged up by a new housing development. Anything, even a simple evening’s walk, can be horrific if you look at it the right way … and I do.”

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