Bundle Up! resources

This page provides supplemental resources for Bundle Up! Creating and Promoting Story and Book Collections.

Please note that this content will change over time. I’m experimenting with how to best structure this, as well as thinking through what would be useful to post here.

Things here include:

  • Examples that are too image-heavy for the book.
  • Links to information that is likely to change, or to change frequently.
  • Whatever else seems useful. 🙂

I also contribute to a regular series of how-to posts for authors on this website, and write about topics related to curating and participating in multi-author collections, how to make the most of different social media platforms, and how to use tools to create covers, books, marketing images, etc. You can review the categorized how-to posts, or browse the how-to posts on the blog.

Examples and Links

Interview examples

Author interview examples

  • DeAnna Knippling on “Doctor Rudolfo Knows All,” which is in the Beauty and Wickedness anthology.

    Posted as a blog post and a Facebook note.

  • Jenna Elizabeth Johnson on “Bane and Balm,” which is in the Once Upon a Quest anthology.

    Posted as a blog post and Facebook note.

Curator interview examples

Charity interview examples

  • Steve Spohn from The AbleGamers Foundation, which The SF&F Binge Reader bundle on StoryBundle.com donated a percentage of the bundle proceeds to.

    Posted as a blog post only. This interview was published before I started dual posting on my website and on Facebook, so it’s not available as a Facebook note.

Story spotlights / author profile examples

I post weekly story spotlights on this website. These posts are very simple and to the point.

Here are examples of spotlights/profiles. Note that each one uses a different structure.

Bundle and series Facebook pages

Calls for submissions

  • War of the Worlds: Absolute War – curated by James Bojaciuk (18thWall Productions)
    This is a fantastic example of very clear and detailed guidelines for an anthology based on H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. In addition to laying out the theme and basic submission guidelines, this post lists specific ideas that the curator is especially interested in, and shows which of those ideas have already been claimed by other authors and are no longer available. Additional information on the Martians and their technology from H.G. Wells’ book is provided in a downloadable PDF.
  • The Golden Door – anthology curated by Jamie Ferguson

Social media image sizes

Here’s a cheat sheet listing dimensions for various types of images at different social media sites.

2024 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Information on categories and keywords