Story spotlight: “Water Horses” by Lisa Silverthorne

Returning to her childhood home on San Juan Island…tough.

Mastering the ancient magic awakening inside her…worse.

Surviving senior year of high school as the new girl…impossible!
“Water Horses” is in the Beneath the Waves collection. You can learn more on BundleRabbit, Goodreads, and the collection’s Facebook page.

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Writing has been Lisa’s life-long passion. She’s been writing since she could hold a pen and have published two novels and over 70 short stories in the fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror, and mystery genres.

Lisa writes about the magic of ordinary things and about things that scare or anger her. Anything that moves her in some way is an inspiration for new work. That and the Pacific Northwest, which is a great inspiration to this Midwesterner. Much of her work is dark, and it often falls between the many cracks in between genres.

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