Three volumes in the anthology series A Procession of Faeries have been released; volume four, Water Faeries, will be out in the spring of 2019.

Volume One: The Faerie Summer

Twenty tales of faeries and magic set in our world – and in others.

The summer sun bathes the earth in warmth and light,
Faeries dance under the moon at night.
Cross through the portal into a land ancient, beautiful, and wild.
See the wonders that enticed the stolen child.
Come away, O reader! To the Realm of Faerie.
But if you want to make it back home, you had better be wary…

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Volume Two: Midwinter Fae

A collection of stories about faeries and magic at Midwinter.

On the day of the shortened sun
A battle between two kings has begun.
The old year dies, and the Oak King rules
We celebrate with logs of Yule!
But the Holly King is defeated, not dead
To Caer Arianrhod he heads.
Until Midsummer, when they battle again
And the Holly King will once again reign…

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Volume Three: Doorway into Faerie

Step through the portal and enter the world of Faerie.

What if you followed a path through a city park, and found yourself in another land? What if the archway you just passed is really a portal to Faerie? What if the guardian of an opening into our world has perished, and left the doorway unattended?

If you catch a glimpse of the Faery Queen
Consider whether you should remain unseen
If you come across a faery ring
Listen to the wind laugh, and murmur and sing
But beware, for if you enter the world of the Fae
You may have no choice but to stay…

Walk through the doorway and into sixteen different worlds of magic and enchantment.

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