Open Call: To Be a Queen

To Be a Queen

To Be a Queen is the third volume in the anthology series Ever After Fairy Tales.


  • Genre: speculative fiction
  • Due date: June 3rd, 2019
  • Length: 4-12k
  • Rates: Royalty shares distributed via BundleRabbit.

Series information

Previous volumes in Ever After Fairy Tales:

  1. Beauty and Wickedness
  2. Innocence and Deceit (releasing in the spring of 2019)


Two elements are required:

  1. One of the main characters must be a queen. Your queen may be good or evil, mortal or fae—but your queen must play a significant part in the story.
  2. There must be a strong fairy tale element/feeling to your story.
    Stories may be:

    • Retellings of fairy tales.
    • Stories based on existing fairy tales.
    • Stories that have a strong fairy tale feel, but which are not based on existing fairy tales.


Payment will be a royalty split per story.

Exact percentages will be determined once the number of stories has been finalized, but will be a minimum of 3.5% of the proceeds after fees from sales channels and BundleRabbit.

Submission details

Deadline: June 3rd, 2019

*** Submissions may close early depending on story acceptances. ***

Word count: 4,000-12,000

Manuscript format: .doc or .docx

Genre: Anything except erotica is fine, as long as your story fits the anthology’s theme.

How to submit:

  • Send your story as an attachment to [email protected].
  • The subject of your email should be: collection name / your name / your story title
    For example:
    To Be a Queen / Jamie Ferguson / Super Awesome Story
  • Use standard manuscript format. Refer to William Shunn’s guidelines if you need a reference.
    This anthology will be published using BundleRabbit’s collaborative publishing feature, and will be available for purchase through Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. It will be offered both ebook and print. Participating authors will sign a contract with BundleRabbit, and will be able to track sales via that platform.

    Reprints will be considered. If your story has been previously published, please mention this in your submission.

    We encourage submissions from diverse authors.