Bundle story: “Salt” by T. Thorn Coyle

The voices had showed up during puberty. Jasper was now 52 and counting. It was too long to live with the grief and anger of the dead. Too much to learn about the terrible end of life in myriad forms. He did not want to know the different ways someone could die. But someone had to listen, they insisted.

Jasper just wanted the ghosts to leave him alone.

That wasn’t going to happen.
“Salt” is in the Fantasy in the City bundle. You can learn more on BundleRabbit, Goodreads, and the bundle’s Facebook page.

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T. Thorn Coyle writes books, drinks tea, and dreams of justice.

Author of the alt-history urban fantasy series The Panther Chronicles, the novel Like Water, and two short story collections, she has also written multiple non-fiction books including Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists & Other Creatives, and Evolutionary Witchcraft. Thorn’s work appears in many anthologies, magazines, and collections. She has taught magical practice in nine countries, on four continents, and in twenty-five states.

An interloper to the Pacific Northwest, Thorn joyfully stalks city streets, writes in cafes, and talks to crows, squirrels, and trees.

Sometimes she gets arrested.

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